Friday, March 12, 2010

Language Barrier

My husband and I are into learning different languages. He is more committed in learning Spanish than I am. He would sometimes use the translation service online to be able to translate certain words and phrases so he can help others.

This online translation website has the largest professional translators in the world. You can just log on for free and you can ask different translators depending on what language you would like translated. I think it's really amazing that the registration is free. This gives people time to browse and get familiar with the website. You can have as many words translated too and be given back to you in time. Clients will be charged with translation fee but they don't have to pay until they are satisfied.

What I also love about this is that bloggers can earn money even if they don't translate. Just join the affiliate program and earn 15% commission on the sales by referring someone. That is really amazing!

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