Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bath and Body Work's Raspberry Vanilla Lotion

I love Bath and Body Works ever since my sister introduce it to me. I asked my wonderful husband if I could go and buy a lotion there last Saturday. It's mainly for him because he loves the smell of Bath and Body Works lotion. My goal is to seduce him. LOL! I'm just kidding but it does help him get attracted to me too.
When I went inside the shop, there were so many wonderful choices. It was hard to choose which one I wanted to try. It took me quite a bit because I wanted almost everything in there. I'm so glad for their buy 2 take 1 or buy 3 take 2 promo. Bath and Body Works prices are really good too. I finally chose the Black Raspberry Vanilla body lotion. It has the smell of raspberry and vanilla combined. It's fresh and makes you want to smell more. I love the texture of the lotion on my skin. I have really dry skin and Bath and Body works lotion doesn't dry my skin at all. A sales lady helped me try it and the way she treated me helped me decide because she was really nice. I know I made the right choice. I bought one more so I could get a free one. The other two I bought is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Sensual Amber lotions. I highly recommend these products.

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