Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful and Trendy

I was happy to see a friend yesterday because she's going back to her hometown today. It was really short but nice. Her hair is shorter now and I really liked it. Short hairstyles can be really cool especially if you look good. I love to look at celebrities who look good with short hair.

Also good for the hair are hair accessories on Total Beauty. It's amazing how trendy hair accessories are nowadays. I love browsing the famous actresses hair accessories. Wish it would look good on me too. I would love creating my own to fit my features.

Allure is one of the websites I like to browse. They feature celebrities like Heidi Klum and many others. They also offer beauty tips which I really like because I don't really know how to put make-up so I learn from it. Hair styles are also something that interest me a lot and this is where I get ideas too. I love giveaways and sweeps so if you do too, check it out. You'll love it!

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