Saturday, May 22, 2010

Investing in Gold

5 years ago my 401k was moving steadily was 401k gold. I mean, I was making significant gains.
Things have changed in the last couple of years. So, while my 401k isn't like gold anymore, I have been thinking about gold. has been a treasure sought after for many thousands of years. It's really the only market that has always stayed strong. And that's why I've been considering investing in a gold IRA.

You can put many different investments into an IRA gold being one of them.

I already 3 different retirement accounts going....but these last 3 years of economic decline have severely affected my least the net value. I, of course, still have the same amount of shares.

But gold has gotten stronger during this crazy time. Since 2 of my retirement accounts are 401k's that I had with previous employers, I should qualify to do a gold IRA transfer, which is where I transfer the 401k to an IRA and then use the roll-over funds to purchase the gold.
Maybe legislation has changed and there is such a thing as a gold 401k, but I think I'm going to have to go through the transfer process.

Trip To the East Coast

Steven and I have been planning a vacation for quite a long time now. Steven wants to go so many places. Mostly he wants to visit other countries, but he has also never been to New York. And I have never been to the East Coast.
So, this summer we are planning on heading out to NY & NJ for a week. It should be really fun!

There are some great concerts happening over there this summer so I plan on hitting a few different venues.
I need to get our tickets soon!
We're going to the Tom Petty show so I need to get our IZOD CENTER TICKETS for that show. That's in New Jersey.
After NJ, we'll head on into New York for the other shows and probably spend most of our time there.
John Mayer is playing an outdoor show at a place called Nikon, so we need to get purchase our JONES BEACH THEATRE TICKETS soon before that show sells out.

And then the highlight of all of the concerts is a show in Central Park! The John Butler Trio is playing a show there! Isn't that awesome?

So, we definitely must get our Central Park Summerstage TICKETS in the next few days for that one!

Setting Up Blogs

One of the hardest things for me when setting up a blog is trying to decide where to host the site. There are a plethora of providers out there who claim to have the best services. Knowing the difference between the different services available is very tough. Honestly, I haven't really figured out which company is the best to go to for web hosting. Too many to choose from!

I'm about to set up another blog soon, another website. And once again it will be time to find a new web hosting service. I'm going to search for some reviews of the web hosting services this time though. The last time I paid for a service I found out afterwards that I was way overcharged. I won't let that happen this time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just Writing

Every morning for several days now, I wake up early with a goodbye kiss from my husband. Later in the morning, the sound of heavy machine fixing the road in the neighborhood which is super annoying wakes me up. The kiss from my husband is the best, now I look forward to it everyday. Sometimes I don't want him to leave. Then the annoying noise outside which wakes me up really upsets me. I need to get all the sleep before going to work. It's hard to be pregnant and people say it's harder on your first one. My breasts are really tender which makes it hard to run around my workplace, my lower back hurts, and wanting to throw up while working are the hardest things I have to deal with. But like every mother feels, I'm excited to see my baby, to know whether it's healthy and buy baby stuff. I'm excited!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Winner

The winner of the $25 Visa giftcard is Janet and Maya. Thank you all for joining! It has been my pleasure so I am giving another one here real soon.