Saturday, February 4, 2012


Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

The other day I watched a really great television series on my Dish TV. I saw two episodes of the series and can’t wait to see some more. The series is called, “America’s Castles”. The show highlights some of the most famous homes in America. The first one I saw was on the “Hearst Castle” in San Simeon, California. The home was absolutely amazing and looked more like a cathedral on top of the hill. The newspaper magnate, William Randolph Hearst, built the home in the roaring twenties. It was the meeting place and party place for the who’s who of society. He entertained royalty, actors, and politicians. The home was decorated beautifully. There were so many beautiful antiques through out the home. Most of them were imported from Europe. The home has the famous “Neptune Pool” that was brought in piece by piece from Italy. It is absolutely stunning. I guess it was the era of no income tax and extravagance for America. Some of the countries most beautiful homes were built then. I wish I could visit them!

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