Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Blanket

My baby's blanket I made. I'm not done with it yet because I still need to put the batting and all but at least I got the front finished. He will need it a lot during winter when he's born. I enjoyed making this quilt for him. It makes me want to make more and sell them. 


Evelyn said...

That's sweet. My mom used to make blankets like this - it's a lot of work. You must be very patient :) Happy weekend.

The Holleys said...

This one is really easy! We didn't have internet that time so I was able to focus on it. :D

Dana said...

Making a baby blanket for a friend or loved one, is a very warm and special gift. I still have my daughters quilt her grandma made for her and shes 26 yrs old. The memories are so much alive when I see it from time to time.