Sunday, March 22, 2009



Kim said...

This is my first chance to visit your blog, Aisha, and I've spent some pleasant time looking at your Eugene photos. That squirrel sure enjoyed posing for you, and I loved your snowy day tree shot. The geese and ducks seem to love you (you are braver than I to get so close to geese). Someone needs to tell the poor pigeon he's running with the wrong crowd.:-)

Welcome to the City Daily Photo Blog gang of friends. I hope you enjoy getting to know us. It's nice to have another Pacific Northwest blog in the mix. Are you a student there? I have a friend who teaches architecture at the university in Eugene. Be sure to install the CDPB portal link in your sidebar. It will help bring you lots of traffic and link you to the rest of us.
Hope you are having fun with your photos,
Seattle Daily Photo

B Squared said...